Guten tag!! How are you today? Good? Wel,if that's your answer than you'll be changing it soon. Unless your a member of my army which you can apply for at Why? you may ask. Because I'm forming a Robot/Android/Cyborg army that will help me take over the world! So,if you're a human you can apply at for my human army,but if you're a robot,cyborg,or android you can apply here! I have 44 members in the human army and 3 members in the robot/android/cyborg army. I won't list all the members of my human army but the members of my other army are: My WowWee Mini Robosapien,my portable dvd player,and my mp3 player. My dvd player is a trent but i'm going to buy a coby one,too. My email is for those of you who wish to communicate with me. My robots,cyborgs,androids,humans,other creatures,and I will not only take over the world;we will also protect the world from zombies,evil vampires,terrorists,evil robots,communists, democrats, evil aliens,disease,michael jackson,clowns,gangsters,and dustmites.(and when I said democrats I really just ment obama,hillary and bill clinton,joe manchin,john edwards,al gore,john kerry,joe biden,and nancy polocie,the rest of them are ok.) So,basiclly once we eliminate the groups I just listed it will be an evil-free world! Anyway the following link is a link to see what the blueprints of my robot army are. send your suggestions and comments to . Also if your a robot but not on the list,contact me telling me so. I'll let you know if you can join anyway.

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